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Sy Prevost Gagné is a Canadian multidisciplinary concept artist and producer based in Mount-Royal Quebec. His studies in commercial arts, marketing, television/film production and screenwriting brought him to work with countless prestigious companies over the past 25 years such as Revlon, Molson, the National Film Board, CBC, TVA, RDS, Canal +(France) and Equinox Films to only name a few.


His talent for visual arts and entrepreneurship has permitted him to self-publish a series of children’s short story coloring books which have reached nearly 40,000 sales over a three-year period. His decision to put an emphasis on his visual arts came to him when Andy Nulman (President of the Just for Laughs festival and avid art collector) told him that the sculpture that he had created for him back in the mid 80’s now sits in his home next to an original Andy Warhol. Since then, Sy has been hired to reproduce a 12-foot version of the trophy for the Artis Awards for TVA and seen on the televised red-carpet portion of the awards show every year since 2012. Amongst other monumental work you will find a 9-foot metal sculpture called ‘’Madeleine and Sally’’ that stands proudly on the front lawn of a small Museum in Quebec Canada. The sculpture is in reference to the 1960’s hit TV series called ‘’The Flying Nun’’ starring Sally Fields and Madeleine Sherwood and was commissioned by Madeleine’s best friend and voting Academy Awards member Pauline Bernier Fitch. Pauline has commissioned Sy for several projects since then including the production of a short documentary about Madeleine Sherwood's career that was shown at NYC’s prestigious ‘’Actor’s Studio’’.


2020 marks his official ‘’debut’’ of a series of Pop Art paintings for his new book. The mixture of POP ART paintings and sculptures are a retrospective of priceless and unforgettable moments throughout his youth. Each piece is accompanied by a TRUE short story and/or anecdote to be published along with the paintings in the book. As numerous as they are, Sy started with a painting and anecdote about the first of countless conversations with Leonard Cohen back in 1984. He immediately followed with the time he was introduced to David Bowie while walking down the streets of Montreal with world renown dancer Louise Le Cavalier from LALALA Human Steps.

Just waiting to be written are short stories about short and long encounters with Harvey Keitel, Keanu Reeves, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Celine Dion, Charlton Heston, Don Rickles, Angelina Jolie, Lou Diamond Phillips, Laura Dern and Sharon Stone, to only name a few.



It is impossible to talk about 2020 without talking about the impact that the Covid 19 has had on Sy’s artistic career. The cancelation of his two ongoing festival productions had a repercussion   forced the closing of the props and accessories department of his production company. This gave him the spare time to concentrate on his POP ART paintings and sculptures. As soon as the first week of the beginning of the pandemic he made his entrance into the Art Gallery scene starting in the old port of Quebec City at ‘’La galerie d’art l’esprit créatif’’ (in their two locations) quickly followed up second gallery situated in the old port of Montreal called ‘’Le Hangart Gallery’’ who also has a second location in Vancouver. (Coast to coast). The in-gallery visibility gave Sy a strong online presence that counts for a non-neglectable percentage of his sales.


His art is a mix of all his artistic and academic backgrounds. The same technic used in writing for film or television all starts with a word or phrase that leads to a concept that opens to and endless source of ideas! His first series called Tabasco POP is a great example!


In addition to his on-going number of POP ART paintings series, Sy is proud to announce the official launch of ‘’Twelve Monkeys’’ (Spring 2021) a series of sculptures based on the vintage childhood toy called ‘’A barrel of monkeys’’. It is no coincidence that the first series of monkeys are also 12 inches high. Vibrant colors and rich in childhood memories, this conversation starter will leave no one indifferent. Sy’s Monkey’s is destined to make it into the line of collector’s ‘’ART TOYS’’!

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